Community Composting Program

Thanks to the help provided by our Community Impact intern from JHU, Sylvie, we have launched our first Community Composting Program! Stenciled 5 gallon buckets were handed out to the neighborhood, which they fill with compost from their gardens or kitchens. The buckets are then swapped out for empties, and the organic matter is put inside one of our brand new DIY compost roller barrels! These barrels increase the efficiency of the decomposition and reduce the labor required to make quality compost. Next season, contributing members can take home a few buckets of fresh, nutrient rich compost for their gardens, or use it in a plot here at Ash Street Garden!

Want to get involved? There is still room in the program for a few more members. Please email us at collective@baltimorefreefarm.org to get signed up!

Want to learn more about composting and how to build the roller barrels? Attend our upcoming workshop at DIY Fest Saturday September 17th at 2640 St Paul St. More info about DIY Fest.

Don and Sylvie show off the first Roller Compost Barrel

P.S. – There is a workparty scheduled this Saturday, check out the Facebook event for more info!

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