Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

Upcoming Events

Wondering what kind of shows we have planned for the summer? Here is a list of events that are booked so far. Attending our shows is a great way to support BFF as well as other projects throughout Baltimore!

July 22nd: Metal show

July 27th: Show! Featuring Mornin’ Old Sport (Oakland), Neutron Bomb, Her Fantastic Cats, and The Highland Hill Boys

August 5th: A fabulous show featuring The Fabulous Flea Market Band (Norway), Liz & the Lost Boys (Philly), the Dead Whale Ramblers (Baltimore), and the Barrage Band Orchestra!

August 25th: Asshole Fest. Day two of this 2-day festival will be held at Baltimore Free Farm on August 25th. Starts at 2:00 pm and will include a mix of musical styles including ska/reggae.