Consensus and Facilitation Workshop

Friday, June 13th  10am to 2:30    Cost: Sliding scale $30-100

Led by Debby Sugarman.  *Includes lunch break so bring a lunch! *please bring a chair if you have one.

Register by contacting Reagan@baltimorefreefarm.org

Consensus and Facilitation are both fundamentally about building relational culture. In this short 4-hour intro, we’ll look at the building blocks of that culture and some practical tools for promoting its development in the groups we find ourselves being part of. Of special interest will be how to encourage forward progress on an agenda, honor the mission of the group and still attend to our connections with each other. We’ll explore why this is a better way to run any organization, and how we can each step up to the plate in our own lives to be better contributors to a world that works for all.