Food Rescue Day Fundraiser!

Ted, a fellow free farmer, is hiking for pledges and blogging about it! Why? To help us keep our Food Rescue efforts alive! Why?

Food Rescue is important!

Every Wednesday members of Baltimore Free Farm go to various produce distributors and grocers to rescue distressed goods (items too ripe to sell or just past their expiration date). We drive the 300-500 lbs of produce, dry goods, and bread 30 miles back to Baltimore Free Farm for redistribution into the community. This is a direct action against the endemic food waste crisis that faces our country, which pushes 40% of food produced into landfills to rot with the plastics and other non-compostable goods while millions of people starve. By simply giving perfectly edible food to people who will eat it, Food Rescue Day is the physical manifestation of a conversation about food waste on a local level. Food is given away at 12noon every Wednesday.frd

How can you help? Ted wants you to pledge 25 cents per mile he hikes, all proceeds go to this program! To donate and to read about his travels, visit his blog at sobo2ga.blogspot.com