Horizontal Housing Co. is a non-stock corporation formed by members of Baltimore Free Farm in 2013. Because Baltimore Free Farm is a project under the umbrella of the 501-c3 organization Fusion Partnerships, it cannot collectively purchase property. The sole purpose of Horizontal Housing Co. is to purchase property for utilization by Baltimore Free Farm members as either gardening space or housing.

In 2012, our good friend and Baltimore Free Farm member Paul Pojman passed away, leaving behind a house which BFF collective members lived in but did not own. Working in conjunction with Paul’s family members and NASCO, an organization which helps co-ops and housing collectives purchase property, Horizontal Housing was able to purchase this property and continue housing several BFF members on campus.

Untitled-1 copyIn addition, Horizontal Housing was able to purchase two lots from the city that are a part of Baltimore Free Farm’s gardening space. Like much of Hampden, these lots were under threat of housing development before Horizontal Housing was awarded the rights to purchase the land and it will now remain part of our garden for many years to come.

Our goal is to create an intentional community housing project here at Baltimore Free Farm. We are working to join the Federation of Egalitarian Communities and we hope to be fully income-sharing by the end of 2016.

In 2015, we purchased a vacant home and now we are fixing it up! We need your help! No matter your level of experience in construction or power tools, we can use all hands on deck, and we’ll teach you the basics. Are you familiar with Baltimore City building codes? We would love for you to be our consultant! We can’t pay much, but could barter with vegetables!

Any way you can support us, be that labor hours, material donations, making lunch for the crew etc., we would be so glad to hear from you! Email horizontal-housing@baltimorefreefarm.org to get involved.