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The top lots are mulched!

More photo/video content to follow… we’ve got some great footage for our first Kickstarter video!  Don, Billy, and I got a lot of work done yesterday (Saturday) distributing our donated mulch (thanks, Asplundh) on the top lots around the raised beds and greenhouse.  Kenny did a ton of work building […]


Kickstarter accepted our project!!!

I got an email from them today: they like our project, and we’re in!  They had some suggestions for us, and they definitely want a video.  After our discussion last night, I’m sure we can make one that will blow them away!  Also, they had some ideas about our “rewards”.  […]



I submitted our proposal to Kickstarter today, this being the content. They should get back to me soon. At this week’s meeting we will discuss what our next steps need to be to make this fundraiser a success! Messages / Your Submission Donald Wayne Barton III on Sunday Aug 15, […]