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How to make delicious Baba Ghanouj

Right about now(or in the near future!) you probably have a ton of eggplants ready to go from your garden. What to do with them? Roasted eggplant can be tasty, but it’s not my favorite. The only eggplant dish that I absolutely LOVE is Baba Ghanouj.

If you’re not familiar with this dish, it’s a slightly sweet, smoky, really tasty dip made from eggplant which originates from Middle Eastern countries.

So, how to make really delicious Baba Ghanouj?


Easy instructions for making chicken or vegetable stock.

Have you just roasted a chicken(or duck, turkey, any kind of bird!) for dinner, and you’re about to throw the carcass in the trash? You’ve been throwing all those onion skins and vegetable ends into the trash? Stop! You can still make use of those bird carcasses and veggie scraps. […]