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The Brendan Foster Fieldhouse Silk Screen Studio

The Brendan Foster Fieldhouse silk screen studio was created in memory of a BFF member who past away some time ago. The model we use was created to make the space accessible to all at sliding scale prices. You can view out membership agreement here.

The Brendan Foster Fieldhouse Print Shop provides the community with public access to affordable silk screening equipment, training and services. The Print Shop aims to increase awareness, appreciation, and exposure of print media and contemporary printmaking in Baltimore City. The Print Shop Strives to help independent artists and activists through screen printing and to provide adult education, youth education, and outreach to communities with low-access to arts education.

Find us on facebook here.

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Baltimore Free Farm 5th Annual Fancy Dinner Fundraiser!

Its that time of year again! Food , fun, and music! Come out and help support Baltimore Free Farm and enjoy a home cooked meal while doing so! Vegan and gluten free options

Tickets are sliding scale donations. Large donation tickets of $70 or more will receive special thank you gift bag of awesome BFF merch!

There is also be a raffle and a silent auction! Lots of great prizes!
Tickets available here!
Hope to see you there!

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4th Annual Fancy Dinner

Friday January 30th, 6-10pm  @ St. John’s church, 2640 St. Paul St.

Your presence is requested at BFF’S 4th annual Fancy Dinner fundraiser! As we enter our 6th year, we look forward to continued growth and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the past 5 years of urban farming & DIY projects.

  • Musical performances by The Cosmic Hillbillies + more TBA
  • Raffle with great prizes!
  • Super awesome dinner! Meat & vegan options will be available. Shepard’s pie, vegan farm grown squash casserole, corn pudding & more!

Purchase your tickets in advance, online or in person. Tickets are sliding scale! We encourage you to choose the price that is most affordable to you. Visit our Event Brite page to purchase tickets online:

*If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please contact us at

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Food Rescue Day Fundraiser!

Ted, a fellow free farmer, is hiking for pledges and blogging about it! Why? To help us keep our Food Rescue efforts alive! Why?

Food Rescue is important!

Every Wednesday members of Baltimore Free Farm go to various produce distributors and grocers to rescue distressed goods (items too ripe to sell or just past their expiration date). We drive the 300-500 lbs of produce, dry goods, and bread 30 miles back to Baltimore Free Farm for redistribution into the community. This is a direct action against the endemic food waste crisis that faces our country, which pushes 40% of food produced into landfills to rot with the plastics and other non-compostable goods while millions of people starve. By simply giving perfectly edible food to people who will eat it, Food Rescue Day is the physical manifestation of a conversation about food waste on a local level. Food is given away at 12noon every Wednesday.frd

How can you help? Ted wants you to pledge 25 cents per mile he hikes, all proceeds go to this program! To donate and to read about his travels, visit his blog at


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No Strings Attached:  A circusy puppet burlesque brass show!  8pm, $12

Puppeteers include Poncili Creacion (Puerto Rico), Lisa Krause and Eamon Espy, Kathy Fahey and Kevin Sherry from Baltimore.  Burlesque Dancer Gypsy Love will be performing, and there will be brass music, juggling, and sword swallowing!


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Consensus and Facilitation Workshop

Friday, June 13th  10am to 2:30    Cost: Sliding scale $30-100

Led by Debby Sugarman.  *Includes lunch break so bring a lunch! *please bring a chair if you have one.

Register by contacting

Consensus and Facilitation are both fundamentally about building relational culture. In this short 4-hour intro, we’ll look at the building blocks of that culture and some practical tools for promoting its development in the groups we find ourselves being part of. Of special interest will be how to encourage forward progress on an agenda, honor the mission of the group and still attend to our connections with each other. We’ll explore why this is a better way to run any organization, and how we can each step up to the plate in our own lives to be better contributors to a world that works for all.


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Call for Volunteers — June 21st — Summer Solstice Block Party

solsticeThe Baltimore Free Farm is looking for volunteers who are interested in urban farming, education, solar power, arts and crafts, and show production. We need help running this neighborhood block party celebrating the first day of Summer. This event is also meant as a neighborhood ‘open house’ of sorts showcasing our gardens and greenhouse with regular tours throughout the day.

Volunteers are needed from 8am-8pm on Solstice, June the 21st. There will be 3 shifts lasting 4 hours each (8am-noon, 12noon-4, or 4-8pm). The location of the event is 3510 Ash Street at the Baltimore Free Farm in Hampden-Woodberry.
Volunteers can sign up as: SETUP/DECORATIONS, GARDEN CRAFTS TABLE HELPER, SOLAR COOKER DEMONSTRATOR, CHERRY PIT SPITTING CONTEST FACILITATOR, FIRST-AID/SUNSCREEN TENT STAFF, STAGE CREW, RECYCLE BOSS/ BREAKDOWN. If this interests you, send an email to listing your desired shift and your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd volunteer job of choice