Interested in joining Baltimore Free Farm? Read on for information on how to become a collective member…

Folks who wish to join the collective must become organizing committee members. Baltimore Free Farm members must attend meetings and workdays whenever possible, although exceptions can be made in light of personal, family, work or education related time constraints. In addition to Baltimore Free Farm membership, local residents may gain access to our warehouse, garden or other spaces for use on personal or community projects by applying for key holder status. Examples of key-holders include people who host workshops out of our warehouse space, and various community members working on their own projects. Key-holder membership requirements include attending meetings to give updates on the project you are working on at Baltimore Free Farm.

To be considered for organizing committee membership, new volunteers must:

  • Attend one scheduled workday per week, which may include Wednesday free food days, Saturday volunteer days, collective gardening days, Baltimore Free Farm events, and any other scheduled work days where at least 1 or more BFF members are present. “Attending” a workday counts whether you work for one hour or 8 hours that day. We want you to work with us according to your own schedule, as much or as little as you can!
  • Attend either two bi-weekly organizing meetings per month, or one organizing meeting and one BFF subcommittee meeting per month.

After three months of participation, the current committee may then vote on issuing collective membership to the volunteer. Consensus must be reached among all existing members in order to add new members to the organizing committee.

Established committee members must continue to attend a minimum of two meetings per month (exceptions will be made in case of emergency or unavoidable scheduling conflicts), attend one scheduled workday per week, and respond to collective emails in a timely manner.

Organizing committee members may participate in our consensus-based decision making process.

If you would like to review our full membership document, please email us at collective [at] for a copy.