The Brendan Foster Fieldhouse Print Shop provides the community with public access to affordable silk screening equipment, training and services. The Print Shop aims to increase awareness, appreciation, and exposure of print media and contemporary printmaking in Baltimore City. The Print Shop Strives to help independent artists and activists through screen printing and to provide adult education, youth education, and outreach to communities with low-access to arts education.


Type of membership Offered – Fees Benefits and Requirements .

Lab Fees go towards Print Shop supplies


Key member – $100/month  +  $10 lab fee per month ($25 initial registration fee required) No volunteerings, scheduling and update part of monthly meeting required (30 minutes of monthly meeting per month)  Key and  business  hours (8am-8pm) access.


Volunteer key member  –  $50 a month  +  $10  lab fee per month  ($25  initial registration fee required) 16 volunteer hours required per month, 1 monthly scheduling meeting required. Key and business  hours (8am-8pm) access.


BFF Collective Member – $20 a month 24 volunteer hours required per month, two monthly meetings requires, key and 24 hr access (must have been Volunteer Key Member for 3 months to be considered)


BFF Collective Free Use member – 48 hrs a month volunteer two monthly meetings requires, key and 24 hr access (must have been BFF Member for 3 months to be considered)


Please read the terms of this agreement and sign below.

As a BFF Community Printshop member, I agree to the following terms and conditions:



  • Volunteer hours: I agree to fulfill my required and agreed-upon volunteer hours each month and/or make communicative efforts to do so. I understand that if I do not do so I risk financial penalties and/or termination of membership at the discretion of the other shop members.
  • Dues: I agree to pay my required and agreed-upon monthly membership dues. Dues are to be dropped in the BFF safe from the 1st to the 15th of the month labeled clearly with Name Date and BFF Print Shop. I understand that if i do not pay my ys or have an outstanding balance, I risk additional financial penalty and/or termination of membership at the discretion of the other shop renters.
  • Respect: I agree to contribute to and help maintain a healthy, respectful, and safe working environment. I agree to use appropriate and respectful language and conduct while in the space or when in a place/position that represents the shop. I understand that if I display questionable or disrespectful behavior, I risk termination of my membership at the discretion of the other shop members.
  • Cleanliness & Responsibility:  I agree to maintain the cleanliness of the shop, to clean-up after using the space and to respect all the other members, visitors, and building tenants as well as their work and property. To lock up the warehouse space when entering and leaving the building.
  • Accountability and member expectation: I agree to record my volunteer hours in the physical binder at the end of each month. To give advanced notice if I can not be present for signed up volunteer hours or commitments. This includes, but is not limited to finding a replacement for that agreed upon commitment. letting other members know with the 24 hrs notice by email, phone and/or in person. To attend the monthly scheduling meetings. Depending on type of members additional meetings may be required.



All membership offers are subject to a 6 month agreement

Renew/expires on:____________________________________


Name:__________________________ SIgnature__________________________


(if existing member or rejoining member, member since________________)


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Date of Birth:________________________________________________________________


Have you ever worked in a Printshop before?

If yes when/where?

Do you have a valid Driver’s Licence?

Do you have a car available for use while volunteering (not required, and only by request)


Describe a summary of your past experience and/or interest in becoming a part of BFF Print shop: