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A great resource on sheep and goats…

Guess what I just found… the Maryland Small Ruminant Page! This site has tons of information on raising sheep and goats including economic analysis of various types of production scenarios (dairy, meat, weed control/property maintenance).  Anyone on the BFF goat subcommittee should definitely check this website out.  — posted by simian

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Baltimore Free Farm

Welcome to the website of Baltimore Free Farm (BFF).  BFF is an organization of sustainable community activists in Baltimore, Maryland.  Our goal is to create a network of green spaces across Baltimore City, starting with Hampden, as well as promote sustainable living and a decentralized economy through a variety of cooperative projects.  Our pilot project is the Ash Street Garden, an experiment in urban agriculture.  Through our own dedication, hard work, and the partnership and support of the communities in which we operate, BFF is off to a spectacular start in its first year.

This is the (proposed) new website for Baltimore Free Farm.  I am still looking for the “right” WordPress theme, so your comments on how this looks are welcome.  Also, if you know how to make custom WordPress themes, please leave a comment.  We want your help!