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The top lots are mulched!

More photo/video content to follow… we’ve got some great footage for our first Kickstarter video!  Don, Billy, and I got a lot of work done yesterday (Saturday) distributing our donated mulch (thanks, Asplundh) on the top lots around the raised beds and greenhouse.  Kenny did a ton of work building up the retaining wall beneath the natural wood railing at the west end of the top lots.  The watermelons, among other things, are looking beautiful! I also cleaned up and weeded the area around our beehive so it’s not so ugly and difficult to get to.  We’ve got around 6 weeks left in our growing season, and we’d really like the Ash Street Garden to look its best as the foliage starts to turn bright colors and we’re harvesting the last crops of fall.

Until I get some time to upload video from the regular video camera, here’s one I shot from my phone yesterday as we worked on the top lots.


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Kickstarter accepted our project!!!

I got an email from them today: they like our project, and we’re in!  They had some suggestions for us, and they definitely want a video.  After our discussion last night, I’m sure we can make one that will blow them away!  Also, they had some ideas about our “rewards”.  Check out his blog link they sent me and start brainstorming.  BTW, they also said that we don’t have a set date to start the fundraiser, so we can take our time and do it right!

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I submitted our proposal to Kickstarter today, this being the content. They should get back to me soon. At this week’s meeting we will discuss what our next steps need to be to make this fundraiser a success!

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Donald Wayne Barton III on Sunday Aug 15, 3:59pm EDT

Funding Goal

Project Description
The Baltimore Free Farm (BFF) is a program of Fusion Partnerships Inc. Our mission statement is to promote sustainable food and energy programs in Baltimore City. We began January 3rd of this year and our flagship project has been the Ash Street Community Garden. We transformed several abandoned, trashed lots into a fully functional community based garden, which also serves as a model and classroom for others that care about sustainability issues. We have acquired a warehouse near the garden as well. This space we intend to use as a place to organize and store donations and materials, work on projects for the garden, allow local artists to work on their projects, hold musical events to bring people to the garden and get the word out, provide a meeting space for like minded organizations to plan, as well as a community center, where people can come and learn about Organic Gardening, food issues, landscaping, urban composting and bio-remediation, rainwater collection and more!
The warehouse is in need of repairs however, and we need funding soon to get the project off the ground. We also need funds to set up our office and install a security system, and other projects.
Until now, we have done most of our own fundraising, including bakesales and lemonaid sales, flea markets, food sales and benefit shows, such as the recurring “Strange Folks” accoustic concerts,held right in the Garden! Now we need help to grow and really make a difference in Baltimore!

Project Rewards
$10+ We will thank you publicly on our website!
$25+ As above, and a hand silk-screened BFF patch!
$40+ As above, and a BFF bumper sticker!
$100+ As above, and a BFF T-Shirt!
$150+ As above, and a copy of the”Strange Folks” cd, a collection of Folk artists in Baltimore, performed live at Ash St. Garden!
$200+ As above, and we will place a Contributer’s Plaque at the Ash Street Garden!
$300 + As above and a private local folk performance and dinner at the Garden!

We already have some of this merchandise, and are in process of making more. More Ideas for rewards are being worked on as well.

Links is our website. It includes newsletters, photo documentation of the Garden, links to our blog, media write-ups about us, and a Youtube video of “The Homeless People” performing at the “Strange Folks” accoustic show, hosted at the garden.

We are in the process of making the video we wish to display on Kickstarter, and it should be finished soon.