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Solar Oven (and Midday episode with Holly Freishtat)

Hey, it’s going to be at least 100 million degrees on Saturday, so I think we should build a solar oven tomorrow night and then cook lunch outdoors at the garden with it.  I am trying to pick a design that we can build easy and cheap and quick, and there are lots to choose from at  Check them out – if anyone wants to get in on this, let me know by commenting here.  I would probably want to do this at the warehouse so we’ll be able to build a large one (if we choose to) and not have to be concerned with transporting it.

By the way, I saved the episode of Midday with Dan Rodricks on WYPR that featured Baltimore’s food czar Holly Freishtat.  You can download the mp3 file of the episode here.

The episode featuring Farm City author Novella Carpenter isn’t up on the show’s website anymore, but I e-mailed Dan Rodricks to ask if he would give me the link to download it.  I’ll post it here if I hear back from him.

Update: I found the link to the Novella Carpenter episode of Midday after all.  You can download it here – it’s really fascinating to hear about her experience in building an urban farm in Oakland, California.