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Fancy Dinner

We invite you to join us in our 6th Annual Fancy Dinner! Delicious healthy home cooked food, music, raffles, all for a good cause!
Purchase your tickets in advance, online or in person. Tickets are sliding scale! We encourage you to choose the price that is most affordable to you. We often sell out of tickets so make sure to get yours soon!

Donations tickets of $60 or over will receive thank you gift bags at the door.

Limited tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are available through event bright

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Fancy Dinner

We invite you to join us in our 6th Annual Fancy Dinner! Delicious healthy home cooked food, music, raffles, all for a good cause!
Purchase your tickets in advance, online or in person. Tickets are sliding scale! We encourage you to choose the price that is most affordable to you. We often sell out of tickets so make sure to get yours soon!

Donations tickets of $60 or over will receive thank you gift bags at the door.

Limited tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are available through event bright

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Horizontal Housing Co.

Horizontal Housing Co. is a non-stock corporation formed by members of Baltimore Free Farm in 2013. Because Baltimore Free Farm is a project under the umbrella of the 501-c3 organization Fusion Partnerships, it cannot collectively purchase property. The sole purpose of Horizontal Housing Co. is to purchase property for utilization by Baltimore Free Farm members as either gardening space or housing.

In 2012, our good friend and Baltimore Free Farm member Paul Pojman passed away, leaving behind a house which BFF collective members lived in but did not own. Working in conjunction with Paul’s family members and NASCO, an organization which helps co-ops and housing collectives purchase property, Horizontal Housing was able to purchase this property and continue housing several BFF members on campus.

Untitled-1 copyIn addition, Horizontal Housing was able to purchase two lots from the city that are a part of Baltimore Free Farm’s gardening space. Like much of Hampden, these lots were under threat of housing development before Horizontal Housing was awarded the rights to purchase the land and it will now remain part of our garden for many years to come.

Our goal is to create an intentional community housing project here at Baltimore Free Farm. We are working to join the Federation of Egalitarian Communities and we hope to be fully income-sharing by the end of 2016.

In 2015, we purchased a vacant home and now we are fixing it up! We need your help! No matter your level of experience in construction or power tools, we can use all hands on deck, and we’ll teach you the basics. Are you familiar with Baltimore City building codes? We would love for you to be our consultant! We can’t pay much, but could barter with vegetables!

Any way you can support us, be that labor hours, material donations, making lunch for the crew etc., we would be so glad to hear from you! Email horizontal-housing@baltimorefreefarm.org to get involved.


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How to Join

Interested in joining Baltimore Free Farm? Read on for information on how to become a collective member…

Folks who wish to join the collective must become organizing committee members. Baltimore Free Farm members must attend meetings and workdays whenever possible, although exceptions can be made in light of personal, family, work or education related time constraints. In addition to Baltimore Free Farm membership, local residents may gain access to our warehouse, garden or other spaces for use on personal or community projects by applying for key holder status. Examples of key-holders include people who host workshops out of our warehouse space, and various community members working on their own projects. Key-holder membership does not have any requirements as far as attending meetings or workdays, however we do request a periodic update on the project you are working on at Baltimore Free Farm.

To be considered for organizing committee membership, new volunteers must:

  • Attend one scheduled workday per week, which may include Wednesday free food days, Saturday volunteer days, collective gardening days, Baltimore Free Farm events, and any other scheduled work days where at least 2 or more BFF members are present. “Attending” a workday counts whether you work for one hour or 8 hours that day. We want you to work with us according to your own schedule, as much or as little as you can!
  • Attend either two bi-weekly organizing meetings per month, or one organizing meeting and one BFF subcommittee meeting per month.

After three months of participation, the current committee may then vote on issuing collective membership to the volunteer. Consensus must be reached among all existing members in order to add new members to the organizing committee.

Established committee members must continue to attend a minimum of two meetings per month (exceptions will be made in case of emergency or unavoidable scheduling conflicts), attend one scheduled workday per week, and respond to collective emails in a timely manner.

Organizing committee members may participate in our consensus-based decision making process.

If you would like to review our full membership document, please email us at collective [at] baltimorefreefarm.org for a copy.

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Thank You

Thank you for your contribution.

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Questions? Comments? Want to schedule your event here?

Email us at booking [at] baltimorefreefarm.org

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Get Involved!!

Learn about Permaculture- Volunteer at Baldwin Street GardenVolunteer Days!

Volunteer Work Parties at Baltimore Free Farm are on hiatus for a few weeks, check our blog or facebook page for updates!  Baltimore Free Farm is located at 3510 Ash Street, Baltimore, MD 21211.

We are easy to reach from the Woodberry Light rail stop. After exiting the train, head down Union Ave. towards Hampden and turn right onto Ash Street. We are about 2 blocks from there.

Service Learning

Do you have service learning hours to fulfill?  We have worked with service learning students at various schools around the city.  Join us on our regular Saturday Volunteer Day (see hours above) to carry out your service learning hours.

What to bring

  • Gloves if you want
  • Wide brimmed hat and/or sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Gardening Tools – We have a fair amount of tools on hand, but more always helps!

Can I bring my pets here?

We love pets! As a courtesy to the animals who live at the farm, we do request that you inform us beforehand if you intend to bring pets to hang out. Please also keep your pet on a leash.

What to expect

We like to start the day by giving a tour of the grounds and explaining our mission to new volunteers. We then explain the projects currently being worked on and split into teams. Projects can include planting seedlings or plants, weeding and garden maintenance, crop harvesting, greenhouse work, building or repairing structures, small livestock care, soap making, food preservation, landscaping, screen printing, event preparation and staffing, cooking, and much more! To find out what we are up to this week, or for more information, please email us at collective@baltimorefreefarm.org.

Organizing Meetings

BFF meetings now occur every other Monday at 7:30pm at 3519 Ash street. If you wish to make a proposal to Baltimore Free Farm, or would like to learn more about collective decision making and how we operate the project, please feel free to attend a meeting!

Meetings in 2014 are: 11/10, 11/24, 12/8, 12/22

Food Rescue Day

Help us on Wednesdays to acquire and sort reclaimed produce and give it out to the community! If you’d like to help out anywhere from 7am to 2pm, please let us know!  Also, your donations and ideas for this project are generously welcomed.

Baldwin St. Garden

We are also experimenting with a collective gardening club on this lot that shares responsibilities as well as the harvest.  Baldwin St. Garden is a work in progress, if you’re interested in helping out or becoming a part of it, our current workdays are Sundays 10am to noon. Contact us if you’d like a tour!


Baltimore Free Farm hosts events of all kinds throughout the year. These events bring in much needed funding as well as foster a cultural element to the project. We believe that entertainment and fun keep people refreshed and energized and excited about urban farming! We are often in need of volunteer staffing for these events, so if you are interested, please email us at collective@baltimorefreefarm.org. Check up on our events page for current information.


Please e-mail us to get involved; any and all assistance is appreciated: contact info here

We are currently looking for donations of the following:

  • Working chipper / shredder for compost
  • Various diameters of PVC, copper, iron and steel pipe
  • Various seeds & seedlings
  • Mechanic and engineering help
  • weed whacker
  • 1/2″ hardware cloth
  • perennials, especially natives


Think of something else that might be handy?
E-mail us at collective@baltimorefreefarm.org

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About Us

Who are we?

Baltimore Free Farm is an egalitarian collective of gardeners and activists who aim to provide access to healthy food for all.

How we operate…

We believe that hierarchical systems of organizing are damaging to our lives, our minds and our relationships. In an egalitarian collective, we do our best to create an environment where everyone is valued equally. We value the input of all collective members and encourage honest discussion. Our decision making process is consensus-based and we allow the voices of all members to be heard.

The Ash Street Garden

The hillside of 3511 Ash St. was Baltimore Free Farm’s first project. In 2010, we cleaned up this lot and used salvaged rocks to create terraced garden beds. Today, this is our community garden space where you can rent space to grow your own vegetables! Recently our hillside has been renovated in en effort to minimize erosion of the hill, come and visit out new sustainable design.

Plots are available on a seasonal basis for a sliding scale fee. Interested in renting a plot? Contact garden@baltimorefreefarm.org

Heart and Soil Sanctuary

Acquired in 2013 after a lengthy campaign to raise support and awareness to keep the land we had been maintaining in our hands, we were auspiciously sold the land. The lot is now managed by a guild of folks called Heart and Soil with a reverence for nature and who seek to revisit the lost knowledge of plant medicine.  Follow them on Facebook or email: ourheartandsoil@gmail.com

Our other garden spaces

Baltimore Free Farm has a space dedicated to growing a collective garden, where we grow food as a team for our own personal use, to generate income, and to give away surplus at our food rescue day on Wednesdays (see below).  We’ve also built a greenhouse, a pepper patch, a large compost bin, a tool shed, and a chicken coop.

We are proud to grow seedlings for CGRN a wonderful resource for community gardens and urban greening projects.

3510 Ash St.

The warehouse located at 3510 Ash St. is where we do much of our organizing. This space is where we hold all kinds of events and workshops for the local community, but it is also where we work on creating our screen printed items, canned goods and handmade crafts. Free Rescue Day on Wednesday and Food Not Bombs on Sunday occurs either inside or directly in front of this space.  If you’re interested in renting the space for your workshop, meeting or event, please contact booking@baltimorefreefarm.org

Food Rescue Day

Every Wednesday members of Baltimore Free Farm go to various produce distributors and grocers to rescue distressed goods: items too ripe to sell or on or just past their expiration date. We drive the 300-500 lbs of produce, dry goods, and bread 30 miles back to Baltimore Free Farm for redistribution into the community. This is a direct action against the endemic food waste crisis that faces our society, which pushes 40% of food produced into landfills to rot with the plastics and other non-compostable goods while millions around the world starve. By simply giving perfectly edible food to people who will eat it, Food Rescue Day is the physical manifestation of a conversation about food waste on a local level. Your donations and ideas are generously welcomed. Food is given away at 12pm every Wednesday, please bring your own bag.


…thanks for your support…

Connect with us!

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Contact Us

For general questions and media inquiries, email info [at] baltimorefreefarm.org

For information about our garden or getting a plot here, email garden [at] baltimorefreefarm.org

For events, warehouse rental, or booking inquiries, email booking [at] baltimorefreefarm.org

If you’re interested in volunteering, email volunteer [at] baltimorefreefarm.org

If you’d like to contact ALL the organizing members, write to collective [at] baltimorefreefarm.org


Keep in Touch 

Stay informed about Baltimore Free Farm related news (not to mention all the awesome upcoming events/shows/parties/workshops we’ll be presenting in the future) by subscribing to our newsletter.



How to contact Baltimore Free Farm by snail mail

You can also send us snail mail (love letters appreciated!) at:

Baltimore Free Farm
3510 Ash Street
Baltimore, MD 21211


Find us on Facebook
Baltimore Free Farm | Promote Your Page Too

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Do you appreciate Baltimore Free Farm?

Have you been inspired by what we’ve been doing?  Perhaps you’ve been fed from our weekly food rescue, or learned something in the garden or at one of our workshops. Have you been meaning to volunteer but just haven’t made it down? Well now is the time to act!  Did you know: in 2015 we recovered over 18 TONS of food?!  Please donate now to keep this project going! Join with the community now to keep our programming alive.

And please share your story – How has Baltimore Free Farm impacted you this year? Email us at collective@baltimorefreefarm.org to tell us your story.

Your contributions go toward helping Baltimore Free Farm fund its projects and continue operating. We appreciate any contributions you can make!

You may also send a check made payable to our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, Fusion Partnerships:
Fusion Partnerships
re: Baltimore Free Farm
1601 Guilford Ave, 2 South
Baltimore, MD 21202






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