Baltimore Seed Commons

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See our Get Involved Page with how to be involved in Baltimore Seed Commons as well as other Free Farm projects. Check our events page and Instagram (below) for upcoming events.

About Baltimore Seed Commons

Baltimore Seed Commons is a Seed Library that was started as a project of Baltimore Free Farm to share seeds and knowledge amongst gardeners, seed savers, and neighbors in the Baltimore Area. We have annual events to collect, giveaway, and trade seed as well as save and learn about the seed saving process.

We also have participated in the One Seed One Community project that operates through a network of national and regional Seed Libraries.

At the heart of this project is a desire to be in deeper connection with the food, medicine, fiber, pollinator host plants and trees we are growing and to propagate them without an intermediary for profit corporation. Seed saving has the potential to give communities the most control over their food supply. Did you know seed saving can even be done in pots? Every seed saved that is given freely from the earth and to the local community is a step towards community and regional self sufficiency and liberation from our over commercialized food system. Every seed helps no matter how small the amount grown.